Monday, 5 September 2016

VHDL Simulation

Visionics India Pvt Ltd, Technopark Trivandrum offers  workshop in " VHDL Design and Simulation " for B.Tech(ECE,EEE,EIE,AEI)/ Diploma/ M.Sc,B.Sc graduates.The workshops will expose participants to not just the theoretical aspects – from fundamental to advanced levels – but also equip them practically. 

Workshop Contents

  • Introduction to VHDL
  • Basic Terminologies in VHDL

    • Library
    • Entity
    • Architecture

  • Operators in VHDL

    • Logical Operators
    • Relational Operators
    • Shift Operators
    • Addition Operators
    • Multiplication Operators

  • VHDL Statements

    • Sequential Statements
    • Concurrent Statements

  • Behavioral and Data Flow model

      • VHDL Simulation
      • Basic gates/universal gates
      • Combinational Circuits (Half adder/Half subtractor)
      • Multiplexer/De-multiplexer
      • Decimal to Binary encoder

      • Request For Workshop : Universities/Students can request for a workshop by sending their needs to

      Thursday, 28 April 2016

      Part Creation in EDWinXP

      Part Creation is a feature for creating precise footprint of components on a PCB.
      The Part library contains a Package and its corresponding Symbol attached.Package and Symbol are created separately and they are linked to the part during the part creation.For creating the part
      • Open EDWinXP Main by clicking on StartProgramsEDWinXPEDWinXP Main. 
      • Choose Library Editor by right clicking on Library.In the window that appears,Provide the following details-    
      Name,Prefix,Description,Manufacturer,Technology,Type,External Index Code,Part Source Library  in the General Column and Package,Package Type,Package JEDEC Name,Package IPC Name,Package Source Library in the Package Details Column.

      Provide necessary informations under Simulation Parameters and Thermal Parameters.

      Drag the suitable Package and Symbol for the part in to the window by clicking on FileShow Explorer.

      Last section for part creation is to provide link between symbol and the package.This can be done by clicking on EditEdit Pinout. Assign the appropriate pins as shown in the datasheet.

      Finally save the part.